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Academy Award: Statistical Lists
2 or More Persons Nominated from the Same Film in the Same Acting Category


Statistics are valid through the 2003 (76th) Academy Awards, presented on February 29, 2004

(* indicates winner)

in same acting category

1935 (8th) ACTOR -- Clark Gable, Charles Laughton, Franchot Tone; Mutiny on the Bounty

1954 (27th) SUP. ACTOR -- Lee J. Cobb, Karl Malden, Rod Steiger; On the Waterfront

1963 (36th) SUP. ACTRESS -- Diane Cilento, Dame Edith Evans, Joyce Redman; Tom Jones

1972 (45th) SUP. ACTOR -- James Caan, Robert Duvall, Al Pacino; The Godfather

1974 (47th) SUP. ACTOR -- *Robert De Niro, Michael V. Gazzo, Lee Strasberg; The Godfather Part II

in same acting category

1939 (12th) SUP. ACTOR -- Harry Carey, Claude Rains; Mr. Smith Goes to Washington

1939 (12th) SUP. ACTRESS -- Olivia de Havilland, *Hattie McDaniel; Gone with the Wind

1941 (14th) SUP. ACTRESS -- Patricia Collinge, Teresa Wright; The Little Foxes

1942 (15th) SUP. ACTRESS -- Dame May Whitty, *Teresa Wright; Mrs. Miniver

1943 (16th) SUP. ACTRESS -- Gladys Cooper, Anne Revere; The Song of Bernadette

1944 (17th) ACTOR -- *Bing Crosby, Barry Fitzgerald; Going My Way

1945 (18th) SUP. ACTRESS -- Eve Arden, Ann Blyth; Mildred Pierce

1947 (20th) SUP. ACTRESS -- *Celeste Holm, Anne Revere; Gentleman's Agreement

1948 (21st) SUP. ACTRESS -- Barbara Bel Geddes, Ellen Corby; I Remember Mama

1949 (22nd) SUP. ACTRESS -- Ethel Barrymore, Ethel Waters; Pinky

1949 (22nd) SUP. ACTRESS -- Celeste Holm, Elsa Lanchester; Come to the Stable

1950 (23rd) ACTRESS -- Anne Baxter, Bette Davis; All about Eve

1950 (23rd) SUP. ACTRESS -- Celeste Holm, Thelma Ritter; All about Eve

1951 (24th) SUP. ACTOR -- Leo Genn, Peter Ustinov; Quo Vadis

1953 (26th) ACTOR -- Montgomery Clift, Burt Lancaster; From Here to Eternity

1953 (26th) SUP. ACTOR -- Brandon De Wilde, Jack Palance; Shane

1954 (27th) SUP. ACTRESS -- Jan Sterling, Claire Trevor; The High and the Mighty

1956 (29th) ACTOR -- James Dean, Rock Hudson; Giant

1956 (29th) SUP. ACTRESS -- Eileen Heckart, Patty McCormack; The Bad Seed

1957 (30th) SUP. ACTOR -- Arthur Kennedy, Russ Tamblyn; Peyton Place

1957 (30th) SUP. ACTRESS -- Hope Lange, Diane Varsi; Peyton Place

1958 (31st) ACTOR -- Tony Curtis, Sidney Poitier; The Defiant Ones

1959 (32nd) ACTRESS -- Katharine Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor; Suddenly, Last Summer

1959 (32nd) SUP. ACTOR -- Arthur O'Connell, George C. Scott; Anatomy of a Murder

1959 (32nd) SUP. ACTRESS -- Susan Kohner, Juanita Moore; Imitation of Life

1961 (34th) ACTOR -- *Maximilian Schell, Spencer Tracy; Judgment at Nuremberg

1961 (34th) SUP. ACTOR -- Jackie Gleason, George C. Scott; The Hustler

1964 (37th) ACTOR -- Richard Burton, Peter O'Toole; Becket

1965 (38th) SUP. ACTRESS -- Joyce Redman, Maggie Smith; Othello

1967 (40th) SUP. ACTOR -- Gene Hackman, Michael J. Pollard; Bonnie and Clyde

1969 (42nd) ACTOR -- Dustin Hoffman, Jon Voight; Midnight Cowboy

1970 (43rd) SUP. ACTRESS -- *Helen Hayes, Maureen Stapleton; Airport

1971 (44th) SUP. ACTOR -- Jeff Bridges, *Ben Johnson; The Last Picture Show

1971 (44th) SUP. ACTRESS -- Ellen Burstyn, *Cloris Leachman; The Last Picture Show

1972 (45th) ACTOR -- Michael Caine, Laurence Olivier; Sleuth

1973 (46th) SUP. ACTRESS -- Madeline Kahn, *Tatum O'Neal; Paper Moon

1975 (48th) SUP. ACTRESS -- Ronee Blakley, Lily Tomlin; Nashville

1976 (49th) ACTOR -- *Peter Finch, William Holden; Network

1976 (49th) SUP. ACTOR -- Burgess Meredith, Burt Young; Rocky

1977 (50th) ACTRESS -- Anne Bancroft, Shirley MacLaine; The Turning Point

1977 (50th) SUP. ACTOR-- *Jason Robards, Maximilian Schell; Julia

1979 (52nd) SUP. ACTRESS -- Jane Alexander, *Meryl Streep; Kramer vs. Kramer

1980 (53rd) SUP. ACTOR -- Judd Hirsch, *Timothy Hutton; Ordinary People

1982 (55th) SUP. ACTRESS -- Teri Garr, *Jessica Lange; Tootsie

1983 (56th) ACTOR -- Tom Courtenay, Albert Finney; The Dresser

1983 (56th) ACTRESS -- *Shirley MacLaine, Debra Winger; Terms of Endearment

1983 (56th) SUP. ACTOR -- John Lithgow, *Jack Nicholson; Terms of Endearment

1984 (57th) ACTOR -- *F. Murray Abraham, Tom Hulce; Amadeus

1985 (58th) SUP. ACTRESS -- Margaret Avery, Oprah Winfrey; The Color Purple

1986 (59th) SUP. ACTOR -- Tom Berenger, Willem Dafoe; Platoon

1988 (61st) SUP. ACTRESS -- Joan Cusack, Sigourney Weaver; Working Girl

1989 (62nd) SUP. ACTRESS -- Anjelica Huston, Lena Olin; Enemies, a Love Story

1991 (64th) ACTRESS -- Geena Davis, Susan Sarandon; Thelma & Louise

1991 (64th) SUP. ACTOR -- Harvey Keitel, Ben Kingsley; Bugsy

1994 (67th) SUP. ACTRESS -- Jennifer Tilly, *Dianne Wiest; Bullets over Broadway

2000 (73rd) SUP. ACTRESS -- Kate Hudson, Frances McDormand; Almost Famous

2001 (74th) SUP. ACTRESS -- Helen Mirren, Maggie Smith; Gosford Park

2002 (75th) SUP. ACTRESS -- Queen Latifah, *Catherine Zeta-Jones; Chicago


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