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Academy Award: Statistical Lists
Persons Nominated in Two Acting Categories in the Same Year


Statistics are valid through the 2003 (76th) Academy Awards, presented on February 29, 2004

(* indicates winner)

1938 (11th) Fay Bainter
            Actress -- White Banners
            Actress in a Supporting Role -- Jezebel *

1942 (15th) Teresa Wright
            Actress -- The Pride of the Yankees
            Actress in a Supporting Role -- Mrs. Miniver *

1944 (17th) Barry Fitzgerald
            Actor -- Going My Way
            Actor in a Supporting Role -- Going My Way *
            [Note: Rules have since been changed not to allow a double nomination for the same performance.]

1982 (55th) Jessica Lange
            Actress in a Leading Role -- Frances
            Actress in a Supporting Role -- Tootsie *

1988 (61st) Sigourney Weaver
            Actress in a Leading Role -- Gorillas in the Mist
            Actress in a Supporting Role -- Working Girl

1992 (65th) Al Pacino
            Actor in a Leading Role -- Scent of a Woman *
            Actor in a Supporting Role -- Glengarry Glen Ross

1993 (66th) Holly Hunter
            Actress in a Leading Role -- The Piano *
            Actress in a Supporting Role -- The Firm

1993 (66th) Emma Thompson
            Actress in a Leading Role -- The Remains of the Day
            Actress in a Supporting Role -- In the Name of the Father

2002 (75th) Julianne Moore
            Actress in a Leading Role -- Far from Heaven
            Actress in a Supporting Role -- The Hours


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