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Academy Award: Statistical Lists
Acting Nominations for Foreign Language Performances


Statistics are valid through the 2003 (76th) Academy Awards, presented on February 29, 2004

(* indicates winner)

1961 (34th) Sophia Loren -- Actress, Two Women [Italian] *

1962 (35th) Marcello Mastroianni -- Actor, Divorce - Italian Style [Italian]

1964 (37th) Sophia Loren -- Actress, Marriage Italian Style [Italian]

1966 (39th) Anouk Aimee -- Actress, A Man and a Woman [French]

1966 (39th) Ida Kaminska -- Actress, The Shop on Main Street [Czech]

1972 (45th) Liv Ullmann -- Actress, The Emigrants [Swedish]

1974 (47th) Valentina Cortese -- Supporting Actress, Day for Night [French]

1974 (47th) Robert De Niro -- Supporting Actor, The Godfather Part II [Italian] *

1975 (48th) Isabelle Adjani -- Actress, The Story of Adele H. [French]

1976 (49th) Marie-Christine Barrault -- Actress, Cousin, Cousine [French]

1976 (49th) Giancarlo Giannini -- Actor, Seven Beauties [Italian]

1976 (49th) Liv Ullmann -- Actress, Face to Face [Swedish]

1977 (50th) Marcello Mastroianni-- Actor, A Special Day [Italian]

1978 (51st) Ingrid Bergman -- Actress, Autumn Sonata [Swedish]

1986 (59th) Marlee Matlin -- Actress, Children of a Lesser God [American Sign Language] *

1987 (60th) Marcello Mastroianni -- Actor, Dark Eyes [Italian]

1988 (61st) Max Von Sydow -- Actor, Pelle the Conqueror [Swedish]

1989 (62nd) Isabelle Adjani -- Actress, Camille Claudel [French]

1990 (63rd) Gerard Depardieu -- Actor, Cyrano de Bergerac [French]

1990 (63rd) Graham Greene -- Supporting Actor, Dances With Wolves [Lakota Sioux]

1992 (65th) Catherine Deneuve -- Actress, Indochine [French]

1995 (68th) Massimo Troisi -- Actor, The Postman (Il Postino) [Italian]

1998 (71st) Roberto Benigni -- Actor, Life Is Beautiful [Italian] *

1998 (71st) Fernanda Montenegro -- Actress, Central Station [Portuguese]

2000 (73rd) Benicio Del Toro -- Supporting Actor, Traffic [Spanish] *


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