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altoCelebs - Collection of celebrity pictures, desktop enhancement stuff, software skins & more - Home of the green background movie page - A Guide To The Best Movie Web Sites - The free online resource for films and much more. - The flick filosopher - Full Movie Downloads - Download Free Movies
FutureMovies - Future movie reviews
IMdb - Features plot summaries, reviews, cast lists, and theatre schedules.
Mafia Flix - Gangster Movies - The source for crime movies online
Movie Station - Ultimate Movie Guide  - The ultimate source for movies online
MovieTrack - the definitive place to satisfy all your DVD addictions
Popcorn Monsters - Movie reviews for normal people by normal people - Your Connection to the Movies
RottenTomatoes - Movies and Games, Reviews and Previews


These links show you all the awards for a particular movie, as well as convenient links to Amazon (for DVD purchase) and Netflix (for DVD rental)
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